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Since moving away entirely from perchloroethylene (commonly known as ‘perc’) as the industry standard in drycleaning solvents almost 15 years ago, Classic Cleaners is proud to have been one of the first adopters of the (then) new innovative drycleaning system K4 from German textile cleaning industry leader Kreussler which is designed around a completely environmentally safe, biodegradable, non-toxic, halogen-free drycleaning solvent derived from corn in a sustainable and renewable manner.  It has been dermatology tested as “very good” and is even hypo-allergenic to ensure the health & safety of both our team members and our clients and their families. 

We are in the business of relationships, and that's why we partner with vendors, suppliers, and equipment manufacturers whom are not only industry leaders but also share our values as a forward-thinking environmentally conscious company.

Classic Cleaners is one of the only certified green cleaners by the Green Cleaner’s Council in all of Canada. 

*Coming Summer 2023*  All of our poly garment covers will be completely biodegradable!


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