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Life happens in bed! You sleep there, read bedtime stories to your little ones, snuggle with your kids and pets, and maybe even the odd snack. All these activities harbor something not so pleasant in your bedding fibres/ feathers in the form of: 

  • perspiration

  • pet hair & dander

  • allergens

  • dust mites

  • dirt & germs

We recommend having your comforters & Duvets cleaned & sanitized 2-4 times per year. 

Most home washers just don't do the trick for those large comforters & duvets. And if the washer does, the dryer definitely will not. Overloading your washer & dryer can be extra hard on them and damage your bedding, cause insufficient cleaning, and will oftentimes lead to fibre & feather filling becoming lumpy. Our oversized machines can safely handle your bulkier items and ensure they are completely dry so you enjoy a great night's sleep (or whatever else you do in bed) with fresh, clean, soft bedding. They will even last longer!

All comforters cleaned are returned to you in a breathable bag to ensure it stays fresh if being stored. 

Experience the Classic Cleaners professional cleaning of your Comforters & Duvets today. For extra convenience, have us pick up and deliver your bedding for you!

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